August 1st, 2015 @ Kualoa Ranch

6 Hours of Heck in Paradise Endurance Mountain Bike Race on Oahu Hawaii
  • A day of
  • Riding
  • Eating &
  • Smiling!

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A Little Bit About the Race

Shaking hands at the 6 Hours of Heck in Paradise Hawaii mountain bike race

6 Hours of Heck Culture

Now in it's 6th year, the 6 Hour of Heck has developed it's own unique culture.

This isn't just a race, it's a chance to get away for the weekend and recalibrate body and soul. I love to walk around camp, talking with friends, meeting new people, tasting the food and basically forgetting about real life for the day. There's no doubt that the competition is fierce, but it's muted by the spirit of Aloha that's felt when we escape our busy lives in the city and converge on the North Shore to share our passion for mountain biking.

6 Hours of Heck in Paradise Race Start

Ready. Set. Go! Only six hours of riding remaining!

6 Hours of Heck in Paradise at its old venue, Kualoa Valley.

Many folks come to beat last years personal record.

6 Hours of Heck in Paradise Race Start

Hawaii provides a beautiful setting for a day on the bike.

6 Hours of Heck in Paradise at its old venue, Kualoa Valley.

And when it's over, it's time to relax with friends.

Keep reading to learn more about the specific format and rules of the race.

Race Specifics - Format & Rules

  • Format

    The format is simple. The rider or team that completes the most laps before the 6 hours are up, wins. If two riders (or teams) complete the same number of laps, the rider who completed the most recent lap first, wins.

  • Solo vs Team

    Riders may choose to either participate solo, or on a team. Teams consist of two riders. Team members are welcome to ride together but... each lap only counts as one lap, regardless of how many team members ride together.

  • Categories

    Solo Men, Solo Women, Single Speed Men, Single Speed Women, Team Men, Team Coed, Team Women. Categories that don't have at least three participants or teams may be merged with another category.

  • Registration

    Registration is $50 for individuals and $100 for teams. Register online at Register now. Online registration is available until July 31st at noon. Registration includes:

    - Race Entry
    - Raffle Ticket ($100 cash drawing)
    - Bib

  • Race Schedule

    6:00am: Surf Gate Opens
    8:30am: Race Day Registration Ends
    8:30am: Rider Meeting
    9:00am: Race Starts
    3:00pm: Race Finishes
    3:30pm: Awards and Giveaways
    4:00pm: Camp Break Down
    5:00pm: Kualoa Ranch Closes

  • Directions

    Do not use the Kualoa Ranch main entrance. All mountain bike races use what is called the Surf Gate to access the Ranch. The Surf Gate is located on Kamehameha Hwy a mile North of the ranch's main entrance. Here are Google directions to the Surf Gate: Surf Gate Directions.

  • Practice Schedule

    There will be no 'Official' practice. Kualoa Ranch is not open to the public expect on race days. But don't worry, by the end of the 6 hours you'll know the course very well!

  • Camping

    Camping is no longer allowed at Kualoa Ranch unless the race takes place overnight (ex: 24 Hours of Hell in Paradise).

  • Mini Events

    We'd like to have some fun little races for the kiddos this year. We'll keep you updated on these once we get them planned out.

  • Protective Gear

    Helmets and shoes are required for the race as well as warmup. Participating without either will result in disqualification. Additional protective gear is up to the discretion of the rider.

  • Award & Prizes

    We would like to be able to continue cash prizes but may not be able to with a low turnout. Even if we don't have cash prizes we'll figure something good out, or yummy! In addition there will be a $100 cash giveaway! Each registered racer automatically qualifies for this cash prize.

  • Course Traffic

    If you hear someone coming up behind you quickly, look for the first opportunity to safely move aside and let the rider by.

These rules are subject to change. Check your race packet for the most up-to-date information.

The Venue - Kualoa Ranch

One of our most beautiful venues on Oahu

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